Cosmic Scholarship

Osiris is a play to earn Metaverse where you can earn crypto currency while playing fun, classic games. To access Osiris you will need a Cosmic Kid NFT utility token, which will be your actual playable avatar in Osiris the Metaverese.
Our inspiration in the development of Osiris is to empower individuals across the world with a sustainable play to earn economic model that can reach far and wide. This is a system designed to enable those who do not already have a Cosmic Kid, and may not have the economic means to afford one, a chance to lease Cosmic Kid from another Osiris community member.
The Scholar will be able to play as the Cosmic Kid avatar they are leasing and earn crypto currency, while giving a percentage of their daily earning to the Cosmic Kid owner. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please fill out the form below. This will also enter you in a weekly drawing to win a Cosmic Kid of your very own.