Cosmic Kids

Cosmic Kids are a collection of NFTs which serve as access to the Osiris ecosystem and game client. Osiris is a dynamic virtual world with games, currency, and player-owned assets. Cosmic Kids offer several benefits such as airdropped tokens, passive token gain, and voting rights in the DAO. There are only 10,000 unique Cosmic Kids available. No more will be minted until demand vastly exceeds supply.


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NFT Utility

Cosmic Kids are the natives of Osiris a 2D Metaverse. Each Cosmic Kid truly the next generation of NFTs. Your Cosmic Kid is not just a static picture, but an actual playable avatar in a 2D Metaverse.

Leasing your Cosmic Kid

You are the sole owner of your unique avatar. You can also receive passive income by leasing your Cosmic Kid to others. To do this the owner must sign a transaction which flags that Cosmic Kid as usable by others. The owner then receives a percentage of said lesseeā€™s Lumina earnings. Each Cosmic Kid you lease actively gains you passive income.

Exceptional Rarity

Cosmic Kids have many different attributes, each containing varying degrees of rarity. Together these constitute your Cosmic Kid's rarity score. The rarest Cosmic Kids have greater energy which increases your earning capacity in Osiris.