Osiris is a lite-weight 2d Metaverse. Featuring an expanding collection of fun play & earn games, social experiences & partner zones.


Cosmic Kids are a limited collection of 10,000 NFTs which serve as access tokens to Osiris, and community membership benefits.

Osiris is an ever changing world built, zoned, and owned in part by the community.

The FALLING: part 1


Cosmic Kids are about to become


$CSMIC awards Cosmic Kid holders immediate utility within Osiris.

$CSMIC is not an investment and has zero monetary value.

An additional play & earn currency is coming in the future.



The metaverse is coming, it will in time be everywhere and used by almost everyone. While many envision this as a comprehensive 3D & VR experience, we believe a far simpler version will first take hold. Foremost, we are focused on releasing a solid functioning 2D Metaverse featuring a stellar ecosystem with longterm sustainability that benefits the community for many years to come. Our core community values are equality, empowerment, & compassion.

Coming in 2022 to: